Process Audit

I specialize in the review of sales and customer service processes. I look at the organization from the perspective of people, processes and systems. I check whether the structure of the sales department corresponds to the company goals and strategy; if sales staff have appropriate competences.

I am curious, even inquisitive and stubborn. I identify training needs, and if necessary, I support the internal and external recruitment process. I look at the processes through the eyes of the client. I admit, sometimes it happens that I need to double-check everything to make sure that what I see is true.

Processes live their own lives, and informal ones – have a very rich life. Life that is far from what would facilitate the growing customer satisfaction. Measurements are definitely needed. Standardization of behaviours as well. Customer service systems (CRM and others) are striving for information, they feed on data that come from other systems or are entered manually.

We are definitely entering the era of automation of processes and some business functions, but it is easy to run an online chat or chatbot – the trick is to offer value for the client through these tools. In the pursuit of efficiency, we must not forget that there is usually a person on the other side, with their needs, expectations and emotions. That B2B sales are actually H2H.

My concept of consulting is to:

Identify key areas for improvement

Propose solutions

Assist in getting to the other side