Good sale?

It is one which both sides will repeat with pleasure.

Success in sales is competences. personality. motivation.

SALE (or fail…)

Nobody can guarantee that the proposed sales model will work in all circumstances. Neither can I. But I know what to do to increase the probability of success and what to avoid at all cost to limit the possibility of failure. I hate the concept of “sales techniques” – for me they are too close to manipulation.

In my view the success of a salesperson rests three pillars

necessary COMPETENCES,


required MOTIVATION.


It is a set of three main ingredients: knowledge, skills and responsibility. A professional salesperson has knowledge about their company, its products and its services. They must be up to date with events from the world of business in order to conduct a factual discussion about the challenges the client is facing. Finally, they must personally get to know the business partner, because B2B sales are in fact H2H sales (a human buys from a human). Areas of skills important from the point of view of sales are constantly improved conceptual, organizational and interpersonal skills. Responsibility is business awareness, discipline and ethical behaviour.


This is probably the most difficult one to define… It is a pattern of various psychological traits: thinking, behaviour and feelings which differentiate a person from other people. Personality is a way a person reacts to the environment around and the way of interacting with that environment. Personality should intrigue and differentiate the salespersons from crowd of competitors. Naturally, in a positive way.


It is the inner strength which allows us to get up every day and achieve our goals. It is the strength that comes from beliefs and the system of values. We need clear, concrete goals, and then we must focus on action and persistence in pursuing the goal. If for a moment we start to doubt, it is worth asking ourselves a question “what for?” and then return to the core, i.e. our beliefs. Denis Urubko mentioned in one of his interviews that the phrase “what for” is truly beautiful and positive because it focuses our thoughts on the future and objectives.