Credo: Simply Better

No one is perfect, but each of us can get better and better. This idea has guided me, particularly since the moment when in elementary school I took up sports and I developed an affection for basketball. Then it followed me into my professional life.

I read a lot, especially Anglo-Saxon literature, I follow portals dedicated to sales – all this to keep up with new trends, approaches and technologies. I observe. I ask. I speak less, I listen more.

During trainings I share tips that will help to listen better (they don’t teach that at school), write, speak, present (they hardly teach that at all), communicate more effectively with the environment and achieve goals in this way. I explore every subject with participants using available sources and acquired business experience. I encourage them to practice following the motto repetitio est mater studiorum.

We can’t change the whole world buy we can definitely change the world around us.